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Killer 7

"May the Lord smile... And may the Devil have mercy."

Here was one of my art pieces for the Grasshopper Manufacture Zine. I'm and big fan of the company's work and I decided to contribute with a piece for one of my favorite games of all time -- Killer 7.

Don't know anything about Killer 7? Well first of all, shame on you. Especially if you owned a Gamecube of a PS2 back in the day. Second, it's getting a re-release on Steam soon so keep your eyes open. Third, it's a trippy adventure/puzzle game where you play a wheelchair-bound Hitman named Harman Smith who is a host to seven other personas that can take form and handle missions. And if you don't know. Well, know you know. And that's all you get from me. You're not prepared for the insanity this game will throw you in... SO PLAY IT! In the name of Harman...